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1000 miles on my Triumph Scrambler seemed like it would be an easy adventure when I thought about bringing my bike from LA to Portland. Ticket was purchased and I flew down to LA on Monday night just in time to bring the bike into its 6K service on Tuesday am. 

While the service went smooth, LA did not show its best colors. As I depart I am starting to see some unusually dark cloud formations. Not wanting to stop I continue and reach Magic Mountain just outside of Valencia. Rain. Tons of rain and wearing denim and a canvas jacket, I get soaked. 


A gas station becomes the home for the bike and I manage to wait it out at a nearby Carl's Jr. Which ends up becoming a 3h visit. Once the sky cleared out, I jump back on the bike, wet but determined to reach my destination. 


Around sunset I reach Paterson, not even half way towards my destination. It is cold, way below 50's and if you've ever ridden a bike in 70+mph wet you know how important the temperature is. I decide to stay the night at a local hotel and it turns out to be a good decision. The next day I wake up to a blue sky and the open road ahead.


I manage to take my time riding and exploring when exploring felt right. I rode down to Shasta Lake and it was gorgeous. Could not have found a calmer resting spot. 

I reach Portland after 14h in the saddle which is way below what I was expecting. Granted, with a 2.5 gallon tank, I only made it 100-120 miles before I had to fill up. So the overall length was a lot more, but also quite nice to stop and explore the land around. 

Cristopher Benitah