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Jackson Hole, WY -18


Nearly ten years have gone by since I first visited Jackson. Going back every year since has been the single best treat I can give myself each year. Jackson gives me nature at its best, with a touch of steep slopes and delicious beer.

A camera is packed for every trip, and this was no different. I decided I wanted to bring my Hasselblad 501c with 10 rolls of film. Aggressive amount but at times it’s better to carry too much than too little.



After being in Jackson for all of 30min I drop the camera. Being all manual I wasn’t too worried but soon after taking a shot I notice that I cannot advance the film. Something must have happened to my film back. I waste 3 rolls of film trying to solve the issue before giving up.

Not wanting to completely stay away from shooting I resort to my pocket and grab my Google Pixel 2 phone. I normally use to phone camera to capture things I see or need to remember. They are quick, brief moments for me to see and me alone. Although, I share a fair deal with my family and friends of course.

Below you will see how much power you actually have in your pocket. Since I had a plan of shooting film I wanted to emulate the look and feel of Kodak TRI-X 400 film.



Adobe Lightroom has been my go to for quite some time now. I have tried out capture one, like most professionals, but the color I make is achieved better in Lightroom. The new Lightroom CC app is superb and I have over 80K photos all accessible from laptop or my Pixel phone. While I don’t love the Mac app I use it for accessing shots I don’t want to store on my hard drive while traveling.

Cristopher Benitah