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Amanda — the joy of spring.



I met up with Amanda on one of the first days of spring. The goal was the capture some moments in the West Village, and my personal challenge was to just use film. We managed to shoot 3 rolls total on my Hasselblad. Each location and shot got one frame only. To my delight, when I scanned my negatives most turned out well.

The fear of many might be to miss the moment. Hence they end up shooting several frames in the same spot ending up with very similar images and a nightmare to go through them all in their editing software of choice. Whenever I shoot film I tend to spend more time on each frame. This is especially difficult when the subject is moving as in some of our walking shots.



Even though the Hasselblad H2 has superb auto focus, I was not sure how it would perform with a moving subject. I pre focused on a spot where i wanted Amanda to be captured. I set the aperture on 3.2 and screamed Action. It felt right but I decided to only shoot one frame. The result was very exciting as she is in perfect focus and her pose is right on.


FOOTNOTES: Camera: Hasselblad H2 // Lens: HC 80mm // Film Stock: Kodak Ektar 100

Cristopher Benitah