Sample work for Arch Motorcycle. 

My passion lies in capturing rich photo and video content that looks beautiful, tells deep stories, and creates a world to showcase the lifestyle of a brand. 

I am a Creative Director, Photographer, and DP with expertise in conceptual advertising campaigns, studio and lifestyle photography/videography, as well as deep technical knowledge in editing, color correction, and design. 

Below you will find samples of my recent work, both photo and video. I'll be happy to submit additional work upon request if there is anything specific you do not see in the attached selection. 

I look forward to working alongside you and the Arch Motorcycle team to create a body of work that we can all be proud of – one that captures, with precision and authenticity, the technical marvel of the brand's motorcycles and the unrivaled rush of riding one.



Tincup Whiskey

Stranahan's Single Malt Whiskey

Tincup / Stranahan's for Desert & Denim




Stella Artois

Hanes - US Beard Championship

Motion Stills


Commercial Work

Oscar Mayer

Kelly Blue Book


Byarums Bruk

Personal Work

Deuce Gym

Venice Skate Park

Color Correction